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Very Light Jets

Citation Mustang and
Embraer Phenom 100

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Very Light Jets are generally 4 seats and cheaper to fly than the established Light Jets. They benefit by eliminating the need and congestion of larger airports by offering the ability to utilize smaller airports closer to departure and arrival destinations. If your travel plans fit into this niche then this just may be the type of aircraft for you.

How about comfort? The Mustang and Phenom cockpits are spacious, more so than on some of the bigger Cessna jets, with ample headroom and legroom for a 6' tall pilot. The four seats in the back are arranged in a club configuration. Four adult males would have to negotiate leg and foot positions to avoid knee contact (plan trips of 1.5 hours - 500 n.m. - or less with four adults in back, unless they are very close friends). With the typical light jet business passenger load of 2 adults, the plane is very comfortable. The windows are large and positioned just right for a 6' tall adult to look out without craning his or her neck.

The Phenom 100 has a cabin volume of 305 cubic feet, substantially larger than the Mustang. The 100 cruises at 385 knots, faster than the Mustang, given an equivalent payload. The Phenom 100 burns a bit more fuel than the Mustang, but it also cruises faster, so the fuel per mile over the ground is similar.