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Piston Aircraft

Piper PA 34, Pa 31, Diamond Twin star

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These aircraft are very popular for shorter domestic trips or short European flights. They vary greatly in cabin size, number of passengers and performance. The larger of this group - the Piper Navajo, with its cavernous cabin, can seat up to eight passengers in comfort. The club 4 seating arrangement is ideal for conference and dining as you travel at over 220 mph. The Navajo can access Nice in one hop and can take the rest of Europe in its stride. On board CD stereo and a full bar complete a well appointed aircraft, capable of operating into many of the smaller fields around the UK and Europe.

The Diamond Twin Star is a new-generation airplane. Calling any flying machine 21st century has a nice ring to it, but the DA42 truly deserves that accolade from concept to power to configuration. Primarily designed as a cross-country machine, the airplane is capable of range well beyond the province of most standard singles and twins.

Exquisite Air Charter Limited has a whole new take on the light/light-multi formula, offering an innovative, turbo-diesel-powered, FADEC-controlled, multi-engine Aircraft with all the advantages of the mini twins, plus a larger cabin, better range and significantly simplified operating systems.