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Light Jets

Citation Jet, Citation 11, Citation V and Bravo, Citation CJ1, 2 & 3. Raytheon Premier 1, Learjet 35, Beechjet 400. Nextant 400xti.

example types

These Light jets generally seat from 5 to 8 passengers. They are very popular and the range varies amongst the aircraft types.

The Citation 11, Bravo and Citation Jet are older aircraft and the CJ2, CJ2+ and CJ3 are newer with more space, better range and larger baggage holds. For example, the Citation Bravo is capable of cruise speeds over 460 mph, allowing you to fly at altitudes as high as 45,000 feet, enough altitude to travel well above inclement weather. It has a range of 1,856 statue miles, reclining leather seats for up to 7 passengers, and a private lavatory.

Nextant Aerospace has come up with a business jet in the light category that makes many of its competitors look embarrassingly overpriced.

The US company was set up in 2007 to look into turning old aircraft into new by reconditioning them, and eventually decided on using the Hawker Beechcraft 400A/XP – known as the Beechjet – as the base. Not only are they plentiful and available on the second-hand market, with more than 600 made between 1990 and 2009, but their airframes are also strong. Nextant buys Beechjets, available for about $1m, and then puts them through what it calls a remanufacturing process. That takes 6,000 manhours and results in an aircraft that is about 80 per cent brand new, with all life-limited components replaced. The engines are swapped for freshly designed Williams FJ44-3AP turbofans, the cockpit avionics for a Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21 system, and the interior of the already sizeable cabin is completely transformed.Even the airframe is tweaked. A Beechjet weak spot, the horizontal stabiliser, is given new ribs. And the mounts for the engines are Nextant’s own design. Wider than the old ones, they provide lift and remove drag, as well as altering the turbofans’ axis relative to the fuselage by 0.5 of a degree in the vertical plane and 1 degree in the horizontal. That improves cruise performance with only a tiny penalty in single-engine handling when the aircraft is light.All together, the remanufactured Nextant 400XT is faster than the Beechjet 400XP with a long-range cruise speed of 437 knots against 414 kts, and a high speed cruise of 460 kts (450kts). But operating cost is improved much more radically – by 29 per cent to $2.13 a mile. And the range grows by 50 per cent to 2,005 nautical miles, with four passengers and sensible fuel reserves.