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Agusta 109, Robinson R44, Robinson R22, Bell 222, Eurocopter AS 355, Sikorsky 76 Helicopter

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Don’t get herded around airports, searched and prodded like cattle. Land by helicopter next to your private jet and walk straight on. We can book helicopters at very competitive prices for complete trips or as a transfer service; the minute your jet touches down we whisk you to your helicopter and fly you to your destination. We all know the frustrations of congested roads. With helicopters it’s normal to schedule several meetings in one day across the country, achieving 2 or 3 days work in one, plus avoiding the cost and boredom of hotel overnights. We are able to offer a number of aircraft types from the inexpensive single-engine Bell Jet Ranger, to the popular twin engine squirrel and incredibly sleek and fast Agusta 109 or Sikorsky 76.

It can be more cost effective to use a small aircraft than a helicopter, subject to the nearest suitable airport. Helicopters can of course land pretty much anywhere subject to the owners permission.

Agusta 109's
Agusta 109’s are the fastest helicopters available for hire. Very streamlined and fast with club seating for up to 6 passengers, a separate passenger area with air conditioning and of course complimentary champagne bar. These machines offer a luxurious and speedy way to travel. They fly up to 155 MPH and have a range of circa 300 miles.

Robinson R44
A larger brother to the R22 built by the same manufacturer. Seating for four people (pilot + 3). The engine is a more powerful lycoming piston engine which allows a cruise speed of 130mph and provides an endurance of approx 3 hours. The Robinson 44 also has superb visibility and being a larger aircraft is slightly more stable. It is an excellent choice for smaller groups.

Robinson R22
A two-seater helicopter, which is designed to instruct one person at a time. It has excellent visibility throughout providing a spectacular view of the countryside below. The R22 is powered by a lycoming piston engine and is built in the United States. It is the best selling helicopter in the world and is used by flying schools and helicopter companies worldwide.

Bell 222
The Bell 222 is a spacious,and luxurious twin engine helicopter. It can accommodate up to 6 passengers as well as the pilot. It has a beautiful separate cabin area with its own light snack service and full mini bar.

Helicopter Length. 42 feet 2 inches, overall height, 11 feet 6 inches (to tail rotor tip).

The sleek Bell 222 was America's first light twin engine helicopter. Its good speed, reliability, and steady flight have made it a favourite helicopter for law enforcement, the off shore petroleum industry, and as a medical and executive transport.

The Bell 222 is equipped with skids or retractable landing gear. The nose fairing is hinged to allow access to its weather radar. It can be flown in instrument conditions by a single pilot and accommodate up to eight passengers along with up to 37 cubic feet of cargo. For operation over water, the helicopter is equipped with an emergency flotation system. Auxiliary fuel tanks could be fitted for additional range.

Although primarily sold for civilian use, Albania and Chile used the helicopter briefly in their military operations.

Eurocopter AS 355
The Eurocopter AS355 (Twin Squirrell) is one on the most common and most popular helicopters in the world. It has superb performance, particularly in bad weather and has very sophisticated instrumentation. It has seating for 5 passengers and captain and can fly at nearly 140MPH and is the ideal aircraft for fast point to point travel.

Sikorsky 76
The Sikorsky 76 is one of the largest civilian helicopters currently available for charter, offering a very spacious, deluxe air-conditioned cabin with armchair seating for 6-12 passengers. Its speed, range and reliability make it the world's premier VIP helicopter available today.