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Which airports can I fly from?

In principle, as long as the runway is suitable for the aircraft and we can obtain permission we can fly to and from anywhere. We will always advise you on the nearest suitable airports to your departure point and final destination as well as which types of aircraft are suitable to land there.

Does the price increase if I increase my passenger number?

In principle, it will as the price will be based on the number of passengers you requested and if they increase it affects the weight and performance of the aircraft. However when you charter privately you are paying for the whole aircraft, not seats, so we will always try to hold the original price for you.

Is the quoted price fully inclusive or are there additional charges at the end?

The price quoted will be fully inclusive for the charter on the particular aircraft at the time and date you requested. This will include all airport fees, fuel and standard catering. The only time there may be any extra charges is if you change your itinerary or you delay your flight meaning we incur additional charges from the airport, or you wish to order any specific catering items or fine wines which may be charged in addition.

Do you always have a captain & a first officer on board rather than single crew?

Yes we always provide twin crew unless agreed with the client for smaller aircraft. A Flight attendant would always be provided on the larger aircraft.

What size aircraft should I use for my trip?

When we receive your enquiry we check availability and offer a selection of aircraft to suit your charter and number of passengers. They will vary in type, size, price and their suitability to fly the route you requested non-stop. This way you can then decide which you feel is most suitable for you. Each of the aircraft we suggest is available at the time of our quote.

What concierge services can you offer me?

We offer a complete range of concierge services to complement your charter. We will be pleased to help with limousines and helicopter transfers, bespoke catering in your private airport lounge or on board the aircraft, as well tickets to worldwide premier events for you and your guests.

What support will I get once I have booked?

A dedicated member of the team will follow your reservation through from start to finish. They will be available 24/7, ensuring that everything is in place prior to your trip and will update you throughout, coordinating the flight and concierge services.